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Private Dwelling
A family wanted to build a new family home located at the foot of a steep hill comprising of dense vegetation and rock.

Description of Work
D.K.C.L. constructed a two story private dwelling, approx 2,500 sq ft and all associated site works. As the site was located at the foot of a steep hill, D.K.C.L. had to break rock in order to fit the footprint of the houses on site and do the same for the excavation of foundations and drainage system.
Once the ground was cleared, the foundations were poured and the house was constructed. Superstructures involved construction of all blockwork, roof works, roof finishes, installation of PVC woodgrain windows, PVC fascia and soffits and a K rend plaster finish.
Key features within the home included fitting an underfloor heating system and manifolds with a poured concrete screed over it.
In terms of the external site, external works involved the erecting of gabion baskets for retaining purposes, surface and foul drainage connections to the existing council network located within a public road, concrete footpaths, electrical operated entrance gates and the landscaping works completed the project.

Key Services Undertaken
  • Construction of a high spec home
  • Excavations & foundations
  • Rock breaking
  • New construction with associated works
  • Underfloor heating installation
  • Landscaping
  • Electrical operated entrance gates