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Waterford College of Further Education





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Waterford College of Further Education
A listed structure in the heart of Waterford City needed re-roofing.

Description of Works
Removed and disposed off site all roof coverings. Once roof timbers were exposed, they were treated with wood preservative. Pitched roofs were insulated, re-felted, lathed and slated using natural slates & clay ridge tiles. Roof flashings were replaced to all valleys & gutters with lead. Coxdome rooflights were installed to flat roofs and roofs were reinstated as new using a trocal membrane. All pitched roofs were stripped, all roof members were treated with preservative. Roof finishes comprised of blue bangor slates fixed to 50mmx38mm treated slate battens on a breather membrane felt. All lead valleys were reconstructed as new with insulated trocal and lead. A large roof window was fitted to the front roof of the building, approx. 10m x3m with Coxdome windows fitted to the flat roof. Flat roofs were decked out with plywood, insulated and finished with a trocal membrane.
An air conditioning unit was installed. Cast iron gutters and downpipes were fitted to the building which concluded the works.

Key Services Undertaken:
  • Timbers treated and lathed
  • Slate removal & disposal
  • Pitched roof stripping
  • Gutters fitted
  • Re-flashed chimneys
  • Air Conditioning installation
  • Slating